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Mike Busey Owner Of The Wildest House In America The Sausage Castle And Co-host Comedian Miguel Colon Take You On Debaucherous Journey On Their Unorthodox Podcast That Covers Everything From Their Trials And Tribulations To Conspiracies And The Latest Current Events. Don’t Expect Political Correctness Or A Safe Place Here.


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The Broadcast History Of Mike Busey:

In 2003 Mike Busey Won A Central Florida Radio Sation Contest On Real Rock 101.1 Called BucketHead’s Home Invasion. A Live Broadcast Contest The BucketHead Show With BucketHead & The Bull Choose Mike Busey’s Home As The Coolest Home To Throw A Live Broadcast Party From.

Mike Quickly Learned The Radio Business Under The Wings Of Bull & BucketHead. The BucketHead Show Was Owned & Operated By The Media Company Clear Channel. While He Was There Mike Was In The Studio Daily & At Promotional Events & Shows. Giving Him Priceless Real World Education & Experience In The Entertainment Industry.

In 2004 After The Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Controversy Clear Channel Program Directors Underwent Much Stricter Censorship Guidelines. During This Same Time Mike Co-Hosted “The Saturday Circus” Hosted By The Bull Which Was The Number 1 Show In That Market.

Shortly After Mike Left & Started Doing What The Industry At The Time Was Calling Internet Radio. The Audio Only Years…. Before You Could Broadcast Live With Video Mike Would Broadcast Just Live Audio.

Using A Winamp Media Player & Encoder Which Involved Multiple Other Technical Steps Mike Would Broadcast Live At His House Parties. Mike Busey Is Often Referred To As A Pioneer In Live Broadcasting From His Pears. Wikipedia Once Referred To Him As One Of The 1st Entertainers

To Broadcast Live On Social Media. Back In The Days Mike Would Broadcast Live On From His Home Taking Live Phone Calls & Doing Some Of The Wildest Shit You Could Imagine! All this Would Lead To Busey Getting Banned For Violating The Terms Of Service Multiple Times. Mike Started Posting The Owner Of

Brad Hunstable’s Personal Cell Phone Number. Busey Encouraged His Followers To Text Dick Pics & Demand The Return Of Mike’s Broadcast. Weirdly Enough This Lead To A Business Relationship With The Owners. Mike Actively Gave His Input On The Site & Ideas On The Interface Options.

Mike Was Influential On Teaching Other Celebrities How To Use The Broadcasting Technology. Busey Watched The Site Grow from Being A Fledgling Site To Broadcasting Messages From The White House

In 2011 Mike Busey Attempted To Negotiate The Sale Of The Site To Billionaire Businessman Mark Cuban. Brad Hunstable Agreed To Give Mike 3% Of The Sale But After One Email Mr Cuban Said He “Couldn’t See Buying Ustream” . Years Later In 2016 IBM Acquired Ustream For 130 Million Dollars.

After Years Of Doing Some Of The Most Random Broadcasts That Would Make Even Howard Stern Blush Mike Changed The Format & Introduced His Colorful Cast Of Friends. The Show Panel Once Consisted Of A Haitian Comic, A Gay Redneck, A Super Flamboyant Homosexual Puerto Rican Hair Dresser, A Wild Out Of Control Drug Addict Inmate, And A Shady Israeli Commander From Tel Aviv.

The Mike Busey Show Once Held A Residency @ The Legendary Improv Comedy Club. Where The Shit Show Had A Live Studio Audience & Featured Well Known Comics On After Their Set. This Later On Derailed After Mike Went On His Annual Summer Tour. Upon His Return The Show Moved To An Upscale Gentleman’s Stripclub Rachels.

Mike & His Wild Crew Would Broadcast Every Sunday Night @ 10pm From A Private VIP Room With A Buffet Of Stripclub Food Cheap Vodka & Never Ending Appearance Of Female Talent. The Dancers Would Play The Dick Draft & Dance On Top Of The Table Leading To A Real Deal Train Wreck!

This Is Also Where Mike & Now Co-Host Miguel Colon Jr. Meet. After A Long Run Of Horrible Internet Issues & Other Opportunities The Show Ended. In The Following Years Mike Would Continue To Do His Live Broadcast From The Sausage Castle.

As Years Passed & Technology Advanced Mike Would Try Other Video Live Broadcast Applications Like Periscope & Others. After Years Of Censorship Frustrations Mike Slowly Faded Away From Doing A Weekly Broadcast.

Every Now & Then Mike Would Pop Up & Go Live, But Not Much At All… During These Dark Years Mike Didn’t Broadcast His Show. However He Did Appear On The Mike Kalta Show Aka Cowhead A Few Times And

Was Guest On Comedian & Actor Bert Kreischer’s Bertcast Episode #173 Mike Didn’t Broadcast For Over 5 Years! But In 2020 The Whole World Came To A Stop. The Pandemic Was Mike’s Breaking Point. Busey Had Enough Of Hearing The Word “Podcaster” & “Podcaster” And Finally Gave In & Said Fuck It & Returned To Broadcasting &

Took His Talents To Spotify & Apple Along With Former Co-Host Miguel Colon Jr. Currently The Two Record A 2 Hour Weekly Show & Members Only Bonus Episodes.