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Help! (F&Q) Frequently Asked Questions? 

Q: How Much Is The Membership?

A: Dollar A Day! $30 W/ Tax $33 A Month 

Q: Does It Bill Me Every Month?

A: Yes 

Q: Does It Bill Me Everyday Each Month?

A: No, Most Of The Time It Will Bill You Around The Same Time, But Many Cases It is Within A 3-5 Day Window Each Month. 

Q: What Will The Billing Show Up As On My Statement ?

A: CCBill-Who You Know Productions LLC.

Q: Can I Cancel Anytime?

A: Yes! You Can Cancel Anytime! 

Q: I Don’t Want Anyone To Know I’m A Member Can I Not Get Any Texts To My Phone & Nothing Mailed To My Address

A: Yes! You Can Choose Whether Not To Get Any Texts Or Mail

Q: My Info Has Changed Where Can I Update My Billing Info?

A: Go to They Handle All Of Our Billing & Membership Authorizations 

Q: Having Issues With My Account?

A: Please Contact Or Click The Blue Help Chat Button @ The Botton Right Of Or Text (404)426-2892

Q: I Don’t Use Snapchat Often But I Would To Know When Something Is Posted!

A: Goto The Current User Name The Click The Bell In The Upper Right Hand Conner To Subscribe! Also Stay Signed Into The Members Page To See Daily Updates! 

Q: If I Signed Up Under Someone Do I Get To See Everyone Else?

A: Yes! It’s A Big Fucked Up Network! 

Q: Can I See All The Old Previous Content?

A: Yes! All The Years Of Content Is On The Members Page! It Is Updated Daily! 

Q: Being A Member Does It Get Me To The Monthly Sausage Castle Events?

A: Yes! That’s The Only Way To Party @ The Castle! 

Q: When Do I Get My Official Members Shirt? 

A: After 90 Consecutive Days / 3 Consecutive Months Of Membership 

Q: Can I Screen Shot The Content?

A: Yes! Just Please Do NOT Post The User Name Of The Snapchat Account! 

Q: How Often Does The Snapchat User Name Change?

A: We Change The Snap User Name Sometimes Once A Month! So Please Always Stay Log Into The Site And Check The Members Page For The Latest Snap Username! While You Are You Are There Enjoy Watching The Old And Newest Video Uploads Daily That You May Of Missed!  

Q: What If I Don’t Have A Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Etc When Signing Up? What Do I Put?

A: Just Put N/A If You Have PLEASE Provide It So They You Can Get Everything From Being A Member! 

Q: Do I Receive More Perks After Staying A Member Longer?

A: Yes! The Longer You Continue To Stay A Member The More Benefits You Receive! 

More VIP Excess To The Sausage Castle, VIP Benefits, Check In 24 Hours Before Other Members, Dinner & Drink Access Privileges, More Party Time, Meet Up Benefits, Premium Seating On Party Buses, & Much More! 

Q: What Is I Don’t See A Question I Need To Ask On Here?

A: Goto The Official Facebook Group & Ask One Of The Wonderful Members They Will Glady Give You A Honest Up Front Answer! Or You Can Just Contact

Or Click The Blue Help Chat Button @ The Botton Right Of Or Text (404)426-2892


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