• Content Creator/Influencer
  • Audio Engineer/Producer
  • Booking/Sales/Promotions
  • Camera/Editor/Videographer
  • Maid/Housekeeping
  • Graphic Design
  • Personal Assistant
  • Management
  • Busey Beauty
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Intern

Mike Busey & The Sausage Castle are looking for a few great men & women our whatever you identify as! We are currently seeking highly motivated, trustworthy, loyal, hard working, passionate people who are about this life! Our company walks a fine line between business & pleasure! We Are A Small Company That Does BIG Things!

Who You Know Productions is not your typical entertainment company. Our multi media entertainment firm not only creates world class content.

We also operate multiple business’ and because of that our brand is looking for highly motivated individuals who can provide the talent we need to contribute to our multiple ventures such as: Online membership subscription services, content production, video production, event hosting, hair & makeup, merchandising, wardrobe & costumes, celebrity & online influencer management, property management, wardrobe & costumes, catering, photography, live performances, broadcasting, graphic design, screen printing, music recording, advertising, marketing, event coordination for weddings/festivals/charity, event equipment rentals, set design, and entertainment booking.

Our company is always growing and has many positions that were looking to fill!

Mike Busey’s Brand Has Been Around 20 Years & Counting! We Have Worked With Some Of The Biggest Names & Brands In The Business! We Have A Long Track Record Of Always Making It Happen With Passion!

Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Join The Family?