Thursday OCT 1 @ 5pm EST GOLD Members Will Be Able To RSVP, Rent VIP Suties, Cabanas, The Tent Of Pleasures, The Egyptian Loft, The Beauties Room & Golf Carts, The 21st Annal DRUNK PEOPLE IN COSTUMES Halloween Party! SILVER Members Will Be Able To Reserve & Rent On Friday Oct 2nd @ 5pm EST GREEN & Other New Members Can RSVP On Saturday The 3rd! This Is Our Biggest Wildest, Sexiest Members Event For Of The Year! More Details Coming Soon!!!

The Sausage Castle Commandments

  • MUST Be An Invited Guest!
  • EACH Guest Must Sign In!
  • ZERO Drugs Or Weapons Allowed!
  • NEVER Drive Intoxicated!
  • ALL Male Guests Must Be An Active Member!
  • ZERO Negativity, Drama, & Judgment!
  • RESPECT All Women, Property, People & Animals!
  • ALWAYS Clean Up After Self! 
  • NO Smoking Inside The Castle!
  • YOU Break It You Buy It! $$$
  • DON’T Be A Fucking Creep! 
  • REPORT Any Shady Activity!
  • RESPECT All Races, Religions, Politics, Genders, Sexualities! 
  • CONTROL You’re Drinking!
  • ENJOY The Sausage Castle At All Times!
  • ALWAYS Take Pics & Video & Tag Us!