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Well This Is Gonna Interesting!!! 🤣 It’s 2020 & @BobSaget Ain’t Hosting This Home Video 📼 Show Folks! 📺 This Network Encourages 👍🏼 You TO Do THIS @ HOME!!! 🏠 

Send Us Your CRAZIEST, SEXIEST, FUNNIEST Original Content & WIN!!! 🎬 Do You Have A OnlyFans Or Love ❤️ To Film Sexy Content? 🔥 Maybe You’re A Unemployed Soundcloud Rapper That Is Willing To Do Anything For The Clout? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Maybe You Have A Old Video On Your Phone Of Some Crazy Funny Ass Shit? 🤣 SEND IT!!! 📡 

I’m Giving Away $1,000💰EACH MONTH To Whatever Videos My MEMBERS Of VOTE ✅ The Best!!! 🎥 2nd Place Is Gonna WIN A @Bumpboxx 📻 3rd Is Still Gonna Get $100 💵 

Sexy, Funny, Pranks, Stunts, WTF Epic Fails, Real Crazy Content! 💥 Videos Can Be As Short As 15 secs Or As Long 10 mins Just Make Sure It’s Yours & Good! 🏆

ANYONE Can Enter But You MUST Be A MEMBER 🔐 To Vote! 🇺🇸 (Members Can Only Vote Once On Each Video) Click HERE To Become A Member! YES You Can Send Us As Many Videos As You Want! 


  • $1,000 (1st Place)
  • A Bumpboxx (2nd Place)
  • 100 (3rd Place)


  • Must Be An Active Member To Vote!
  • Each Member Can Only Vote Once Per Video
  • Members Can Vote Each Video 1-5 Stars Each Video
  • Winners Will Be Announced The 1st Of Each (Month Every 30 Days!)
  • Monthly Winners Will Be Announce & Posted On 


  • Must Be An Active Member To Vote!
  • Everyone MUST Be Over 18 Years Of Age! 
  • You Don’t Have To Be A Member To Enter 
  • Please Do NOT Send Us Revenge Porn! (As Much As We Wanna See Your X But Please Do NOT Send Us Anything You Don’t Have Permission To!) 
  • Everyone Appearing In Video Must Give Consent To Upload & Know It’s On 
  • We’re Looking For High Quality Videos! (Clear, Stable, Good Audio, Good Lighting) 
  • Short & To The Point! If Longer Better Be Good! 
  • No Watermarks Or Visible Tags
  • Video Can’t Be Posted Anywhere Else (Your Own Social Media Is Ok)  
  • Submit As Many Videos As You Want! (Upload 20 Videos That’s Cool!) 
  • Please Film Anything New Hold Your Phone Side Ways! (Wide Angle Shot)