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Royal Ballet 2020

Today Cavalleria rusticana (Rustic Chivalry) Pietro Mascagni and Ruggero Leoncavallos Pagliacci (The Players) are Italy’s most famous double acts, but are written independently. Cavalleria rusticana came first, undoubtedly its very successful premiere in 1890 by Leoncavallo. His 1892 Pagliacci was another victory. Both works, all undeniable masterpieces of the realist tradition, share a dramatic collection, melodic richness and obsession with violent envy.

Olivier’s award-winning Damiano Michielettos was very popular when he first performed in 2015. He places both operas in the same village, allowing characters from one piece to reappear in the other, offering theatrical realism in images as modern but timeless. The production became very famous during its premiere and was summed up by the Financial Times as a generally moving evening.

Liam Scarlett’s beautiful 2018 production of Swan Lake, 2018, returns for its first revival. Stay tuned for Marius Petipa / Lev Ivanov’s text, Scarlett’s additional choreography and John Macfarlane’s magnificent design breathe new life into the most famous and popular classical ballet. The whole company shines in this eternal story of destined love, a masterpiece filled with iconic moments. Tchaikovsky’s first ballet score hovers with his symphonic sweep and blends perfectly with exquisite choreography from Prince Siegfried and Odile’s majestic pas de deux to the lakefront swans. An intoxicating mix of glasses and an intimate passion, the overall effect is irresistible.

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