Do you have a small dick? Are you unattractive? Has life shit all over you?

Because none of these things have stopped Mike Busey from partying like a goddamn rock legend and they shouldn’t stop you from doing the same!

Rockstar weekends allow you to design your ultimate personal party experience.

Do you want to drive a tank? Do you wanna party with porn stars?

Do you want to shoot flamethrowers, party with the Busey Beauties all while enjoying The Sausage Castle, the wildest House in America. Or are you looking for an extreme getaway?

Let’s take the show on the road. Want to party with midgets, social media influencers, Busey Beauties, pornstars in Vegas? New York? Colombia? You tell us! 

We can make your wildest fantasies come true. It’s all about your budget and imagination. 

So stop jacking off and crying while swiping right on Tinder wishing your life didn’t suck and book your rockstar weekend today!

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