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NCH Express Zip v7

Ekpress Zip is an archive and compression tool for creating, managing and deleting files and folders of any size. Fast and efficient loading and deleting of files. Email Delivery File Compression. Open file formats rar, 7z, tar, taxi and more. Low load; installation and compression or deletion within seconds.
Create a new zip file quickly
Open and extract popular archive formats, including zip, rar, taki, tar, 7z, iso, and more
Manage your email files by editing or moving content
Encrypt the zip file or open an encrypted archive
Use postal clicks to send email files in two simple clicks
Turn the archive into a zip from other formats
Delete archived files on CD / DVD for long-term backup
Right-click on the menu option to compress or extract directly from the file viewer
Divide large zip files into smaller pieces using the zip archive
Easy drag and drop function
Upload multiple files to a flash drive or external memory

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