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Just like Everything Else In This Beautiful World, There Is Always A Deeper Purpose Behind It All! Most of y’all think Im some retarded crack head who is fucking fool! Believe it or not, I have never, not once, done a single drug! Not one puff of weed, nothing! I have figured out how to make a living off what I love and enjoy doing the most, and thats making people happy!

I have filmed plenty of dumb pointless shit but these are the only videos Im really proud of!

At a Young Age I realized the i enjoy Making Others Smile & Laugh! Teachers, Parents, You Name It! They could never keep me from being, saying, or doing what I wanted! As I Got older I started to realize that this world can be really fucking shitty! I had plenty of ups and downs in my own life, and only thing that kept me going was humor and learning to laugh in the face of the lowest moments! I want to give people something to help forget about their daily shitty job or failed marriage, and just laugh and have a good time! I have filmed and produced tons of bullshit and non-sense over the years, but it was all just to make someone smile! I never gave a fuck about anyone who didn’t care for me or wished me harm! Not everyone is going love me or what I do, and thats ok! It’s better to give then to receive!

You can only do one of two things in this world. Thats either Be the man or work for the man. I’m a workaholic. I am always trying to better myself. I am never 100% comfortable of where i am in life. I feed off the thrill of not knowing when my next meal or how I’m going too pay my bills! I have not had the case of the mondays in over ten years and thats real freedom to me! Life is so fragile and should always be lived to the fullest!

I believe in The Secret

I’m a strong supporter of the many men or women who serve for this beautiful country of The United States Of America! I tend to dedicate a lot of my silly non-sense to the troops!  A day never goes by that they don’t cross my mind!


This video brings tears to my eyes!

Don’t be a shallow juntal asshole! Travel the world! Always lend a helping hand to someone who can’t help themselves! Be honest and always stick to your word! Never let a mother fucker hold you back or tell you can’t do something!


Never let money control your life! Always continue to educate yourself! Always remember you can’t rely on anyone but yourself!
My biggest fear is being forgotten or left behind! Is it bad that I want to life forever? Maybe, that is my true inspiration of why I put so much of my life out there on the internet. In hopes that one day, I will live forever!

Nothing on this planet Earth has every left! Just changed forms!

I have always wanted my funeral to be this huge party like this!

But way more funnier and full of many surprises!

Not everyone deserves to know the real me. It’s a waste of time to try to break it all down for everyone I cross paths with in life. I let people think what they want!

I think I would like to die watching this beautiful exhibit of life or maybe ask the woman of my dreams to marry me in front of this………

I Know everyone says the same old shit! Do something you love for a living! I think I have done a good job @ that! I’m gonna be 100% honest with you I have had lots of $ in my hands, but years ago I learned how to make $ but never fell in love with money! Money is like the annoying dude that works @ your favorite restaurant you don’t really like him you just prevent so he will hook you up! Money pays my bills and buys toys that make me smile $ is my little slut! My happiest moments in life I had no money! It’s also when I knew who my real friends were……… Watch This video!

Much Love
From The Keyboard Of…
Mike Busey



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