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Hey members! If you’re reading this that means your credit card still works and you’re still a loyal faithful member! I would like to thank everyone who came out and made the Live & Let Die Tour a huge success! Even tho we didn’t have shit for internet will still filmed and are still uploading lots of great content! Slow mo cum shots are on the way! Thank you to everyone who came out to a very different and cool intimate members hurricane lock-in weekend! It gave us a great chance to just chill and vibe more than ever before!

As you may already know we have changed web masters! Charlie Classic’s brother Stephen is now in charge of the site! In a very short time he has made amazing progress! Changes are really coming……

Hundreds of membership packages have been sent out! If you have been a member longer then 3 months and have not received you’re welcome package please e-mail No for real this time! We would like to say sorry for Jason and any less than desirable costumer service you may have gotten! And if you are too fucking lazy to email your issues you can now chat live with Stephen right on the site! Look towards the bottom! You will see a pop up chat! We wanna help answer any questions or issues you may have!

It’s a new and exciting time here @ We are working hard at creating and updating the site! Please continue to sign into you’re account daily & always follow the latest Snapchat user name! Jason has been putting a lot of effort in reporting the snap accounts but we won’t be stoped! Which is why we are gonna be building a costume app & enjoy direct text message update notifications! This will allow us to deliver content to each & everyone of you without having to worry about a 3rd party app’s terms of services!

We just moved our servers to Amazon in order to make sure all the videos play without any issues! We also are now working on making it capable for you all to stream videos to you’re TV’s from your phones! Giving you the ability to enhance your viewing experience!

We have also just updated so when you member come to stay @ The Castle all your details can be sorted ezier and faster before you even arrive! All guests will no longer need to sign release forms at the castle! You now do it all online! Have you ever wanted to help out ay a members weekend? Well we now allow member to sign up to volunteer! Not to mention you will be able to upgrade your visit by renting VIP rooms, Tents, & Cabana’s! Maybe you wanna reserve a ATV’s, Jet Ski’s, Kayak’s, Long Boards, Pontoon Party Barge, all this will be soon available…

You will be able to reserve you’re camping spots soon too! We now allow all Gold members to arrive and set up camp 24 hours before all the rest! Giving you the spot of you’re choice!

We will be announcing more details on this years 20th Annal Drunk People N Costumes Halloween Party!!! This will be the biggest and best yet! At the strike of Friday September 20th 12am est. You will be able to RSVP please DO NOT attempt to RSVP before Friday September 20th

I don’t know if you have noticed but I have been on fire these last few months! I’m losing weight and more motivated than ever! I’m super passionate about making great content! I have lots of funny, wild, crazy ideas! New shows concepts, Contests, coming to only you wonderful members! I’m feeling better than ever and ready to deliver a new and exciting experience for you all!

See you all soon!

Thank You All & Much Love
Mike Busey

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  1. Nikki

    Thank you for working so hard to entertain us! I’m glad I’m a member and can’t wait until I get my tee shirt!!! Keep up the hard work!!!! Much Love From Oregon…

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