We wont be stopped

Last week and member gave access to the secret snap to a hater! Which led to it being deleted! We have spent countless hours trying to get every member added to the new account which is “sausagecastle8” please try adding that asap! We believe Snapchat is only allowing us to add so many people a day! We had everyone added the first 48 hours but for some reason Snapchat was not allowing members to be added? I know it’s super annoying trust me we have already pull our hair out all I can say is please continue to be patient and know that tech-support is diligently trying to figure this out! Good news is we just purchased new software that will enable all members to login on the website and see our old secrets snaps and new secret snaps! Which means you will never miss anything again and will even be able to see all the action before you joined! Once again thank you so much and I’m so sorry this is happening….